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About DAD[edit]

I'm a graduate student at The California Institute of Technology studying biochemistry and molecular evolution; I'm in the Computation and Neural Systems program.

As a scientist with a brain and a heart, I'm fascinated by the relationship between is and ought, that is, between what is verifiable and reliable, on the one hand, and what is desirable or what we feel others should know to bring about a better future, on the other. My personal philosophy:

Argue for what is right from what is true, or reconsider what is right.

That's why I'm on Wikipedia. My loyalty is first to the facts.

ought from is[edit]

i just read, and now think you would enjoy the moral sense by harvard prof. james Q. wilson. his thesis is that the motive forces of "ought" derive in verifiable ways from our biology, but that they manifest in different forms of "ought" depending on circumstances.

OK, why i came here in the first place: what software did you use to produce the file you uploaded "Corr-example.png" i like the use of small multiples (in the tuftian sense). Openlander 19:25, 13 December 2006 (UTC)

Hi, I'm also curious about the figure, "corr-example.png". By MATLAB, there is a function called "plotmatrix" doing similar thing but not exactly the same. Yours is better than the plotmatrix because your figure provided more information than what plotmatrix can do.