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Red Star[edit]

Red Star is a male wikipedia user registered in march 2005. He speaks French, English, as well as a bit of Spanish.


Red Star lives in the beautiful city of Hull, in the province of Quebec, Canada. He was born in Ottawa, federal capital, across the Ottawa River, but lived in Hull all of his life, except for short span of time in Kitchener, [Ontario], when he 3 or 4.

He was born on November 1 1987, which is exactly the same day René Lévesque, a popular Quebec independantist, died. There seems to be no link between these two events.

He has graduated from Collège Saint-Alexandre, and is now attending Collège de l'Outaouais in Hull, where he studies human sciences.

He is also very much interested in history, geography, astronomy, soccer and enjoys reading books and playing Real-time Strategy PC games.


Notable articles I started and contributed largely to.